Keith Wilkins has written songs for several artists during the early to mid 1990's. 4 of Keith's songs have been recorded and released on 3 separate albums by Rainbow Records and Hollywood Artists Records.


Album: "Hollywood Gold" (HGC 667)
Label: Rainbow Records
Released: December 30th, 1993


  • "Always" - Performed by Jon Clarke / Written by Keith Wilkins
  • "Hard Promises" - Recorded by Jon Clarke / Written by Keith Wilkins

Album: "Music of America" (HAR T-134)
Label: Hollywood Artists Records
Released: September 4th, 1993


  • "News For You Baby" - Performed by Dave Sharkey / Written by Keith Wilkins.
Album: "America Sings" (HARMH-14)
Label: Hollywood Artists Records
Released: June 7th, 1995


  • "Every Time I Cry" - Performed by Stephanie Allen / Written by Keith Wilkins.