During his time as a Contract Songwriter in the 1990's, Keith collaborated with many Musicians, Producers & Singer/Songwriters. Listed bellow are just a few of those who Keith has collaborated with: 


In late 1995 Keith co-wrote & recorded five songs with National touring country & Western singer/songwriter, Cathy Clark, at HouseQuake Recording Studios in Tampa. The five songs Keith & Cathy wrote & recorded together were "Magic Moment" (with Jennifer Henning), "Could It Be You", "Down By The Ocean Shore", "They'll Come 'A Runnin'", and "You're A Part of Me". 

"Cathy & I butted heads a lot in the studio during that 5-song demo recording session. Both of us were stubborn as Hell when it came to our own vision for the direction of each song. Cathy was dead-set on recording the songs in more of a traditional, pure country & western style with fiddles & steal guitars.... I wanted the songs to have more mass-appeal and cross-over potential, where they could be easily played on either a rock or country station by either a rock or country artist. The poor studio engineer refereed quite a few arguments between us... I remember during one particular session where Cathy thought I was in the other room, she said to the Engineer... "You know, Keith can be a real Asshole sometimes". We never did shop or sell the songs to anyone because I retired from Contract Songwriting two months after we completed the songs, though Cathy would go on to perform the songs at her own shows." - Keith Wilkins  


In late 1995, future music attorney & reality tv star, Caesar Cirigliano, co-wrote the music on 5 songs with Keith. The five songs were "Magic Moment", "Could It Be You", "Down By The Ocean Shore", "They'll Come 'A Runnin'", and "You're A Part of Me". 


Between 1994 & 1995, Keith co-wrote & recorded "Good Lovin' Gone Bad" & "Together" in Miami Beach with former Patsy Cline "Walkin' After Midnight" songwriter, Donn Hecht.


In 1995 Keith co-wrote 11 songs with Tampa Bay singer/songwriter, Andrei Cheine.


In the mid 1990's Keith co-wrote "Magic Moment" with Jennifer Henning, a published poet from Wisconsin. A couple years later "Magic Moment" would be one of the songs that Keith would record with National touring country & western singer/songwriter, Cathy Clark. Keith and Jennifer would later marry. 


In 1993, Keith sold 2 songs, "Always" & "Hard Promises", to Rainbow Records recording artists, Jon Clarke. Both songs appeared on the 1993 album, "Hollywood Gold" (Rainbow Records HGC 667).


In 1993, Keith sold his song, "News For You Baby", to Hollywood Artists Records recording artists, Dave Sharkey. "News For You Baby" appeared on the 1993 album, "Music of America" (Hollywood Artists Records HAR T-134).


In 1995, Keith sold his song, "Every time I Cry", to Hollywood Artists Records recording artist, Stephanie Allen. "Every Time I Cry" appeared on the 1995 album, "America Sings" (Hollywood Artists Records HARMH-14).