Keith Wilkins is a Syndicated Music Columnist, Contract Songwriter (lyricist), Promoter and Guest Radio Show interviewer with a diploma in music business management. Keith is the founder of KAM Music Publishing and the Tampa Bay Music Scene Historical Society, the co-Founder of KAM-BABS Promotions, a consultant for Bay Area Band Source, and the Vice President for the  Florida Musicians Hall of Fame and the Tampa Bay Music Hall of Fame. 

Keith was the original cover story writer for Mayhem Magazine, and currently writes for Full Access Magazine, The Bay Buzz, and the News Website. For two consecutive years (2010 & 2011) Keith's Examiner music column was the #1 most read Examiner column in the Tampa Bay market , beating out nearly 200 other columnists.

Keith has appeared on both radio & television, has emceed countless live concert events, has been featured in numerous magazines & books, has appeared as a guest speaker at several music seminars, and has had four of his songs released on three albums. 

1974 - 1991

Born in a small suburb of Detroit, Michigan on September 12th, 1974, Keith was the youngest of three children born to five-time Michigan state weightlifting champion and published poet, Fritz Wilkins, and his wife, Tina Wilkins.

In 1985 Keith's family moved to the Tampa Bay area where they settled in a small city called Seminole.

Keith's interest in music was evident at a very young age as he played the clarinet in his band class throughout his elementary and middle school years. It was while Keith was attending middle school when he composed his first original song on his clarinet, impressing his band director.

Music, however, wasn't Keith's only passion. Much like his father, Keith loved writing... especially poetry. While in middle school, the school newspaper published several of Keith's poetry.

 Keith's dad, Fritz Wilkins

Once Keith entered high school, he then switched from the Clarinet to the drums in his school band. Shortly there after, Keith co-formed a local rock band called "Gateway" as the bands drummer. Unfortunately for Keith, he soon developed severe Tendinitis in both of his arms... before "Gateway" could even play their first paying gig. Fortunately This one major set-back in Keith's hopeful music career did nothing to detour him. Being a poet since he was a kid in Middle school, Keith dropped out of high school in 1991 to concentrate on becoming a Contract Songwriter.  

Contract Songwriter
1992 - 1996

As a Lyricist, Keith specialized in writing love songs/Power-ballads in rock, country, and blues styles. Keith Developed a style of lyric writing that would help give him an edge over other Contract Songwriters. In a time when Female singers where big in both rock and country, Keith wrote many of his songs from a females perspective, for females to sing. Keith quickly gained a reputation from fellow songwriters in the industry as not only having a knack for telling a story in a song, but for having the knack for coming up with catchy song titles as well.

Keith would partner with several songwriters in the recording studio in order to create demo's to be shopped to artists and management teams who were looking for new material. For hours upon hours every day, Keith would read all the national music trade magazines in order to find out which recording artists were advertising for new material. In a time when contract songwriting was much more competitive then it is now, Keith devised a unique way to "shop" his songs to record company executives and artist management teams. In a time before there was email or the internet, Keith would mail out his demo tapes & bio, stuffed inside a shoe. when the recipient would open up the package, they would find a cover letter inside the shoe that read..."Now that I have my foot in the door...". Though this unique form of self promotion didn't always guarantee the sale of his song, it did almost always guarantee a call back from the recipient, new relationships made, and Keith's name being remembered ("That crazy songwriter who sent us the shoe"). 

In 1992 at the young age of 17, Keith signed his first record deal with Hollywood Artists which allowed singer Dave Sharkey to record and release Keith’s song "News For You Baby". The song was released 1 year later on the 1993 Music of America album.

The following year in 1994, Keith signed yet another deal with Hollywood Artists which allowed singer Stephanie Allen to record and release Keith’s song “Every Time I Cry” on the 1995 album, America Sings. 

In 1993, Keith signed a deal with Rainbow Records which allowed singer Jon Clarke to record and release two of Keith’s songs, “Always” and “Hard Promises”.

Both songs were released later that year on the album Hollywood Gold. 

"The first royalty checks I ever received were for my two songs that appeared on this album... I was so excited, I really felt like I finally made it as a songwriter."

- Keith Wilkins. 

In 1993 Keith met Tampa Bay Talent Agent and Chrystallis Management co-founder, Jacqueline Langley. Langley quickly took a liking to Keith and took him under her wing, acting as a mentor for Keith. Over the next couple of years, Langley would guid, consult, and advise Keith on how the local & National music industry worked. To this day Keith credits Jacqueline Langley as the one responsible for him not being "eaten alive" in the business, and teaching him everything he knows about the business side of songwriting.  

After joining BMI In 1993, Keith founded "KAM Music Publishing" in order to administer the copywrites of all his songs, and later his published articles. Through "KAM Music Publishing", Keith would eventually start working for other songwriters, critiquing their songs and handling their copyrights for them. 

In 1994, Keith wrote his first editorial piece for a nation-wide newspaper publication based out of Ohio called “The ROC”. Titled "Lock & Load", Keith’s editorial piece talked about the issue of gun control laws.

The ROC was published by the anti-censorship organization called "Rock Out Censorship.” Keith was a strong activist for Rock Out Censorship, fighting for musicians freedom of speech issues. Keith initially teamed up with the anti-censorship group to help fight the PMRC's attempts to censor recording artists. For several years Keith volunteered a huge portion of his time to help Rock Out Censorship and their causes. 

1995 proved to be the busiest year for Keith. Keith co-wrote two songs ("Together" & "Good Lovin' Gone Bad") with well known, multi-million dollar  songwriter, Don Hecht. Don Hecht was mostly known for the song "Walkin' After Midnight" that he co-wrote, and was released by legendary singer Patsy Cline in 1957 and re-recorded and released by Garth Brooks in 1994. 

Also in 1995, Keith became a charter member of the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame & Museum located in Cleveland, Ohio. Keith's name was displayed in the museum, on a plaque along with the other charter members. 

Keith's last project that he worked on was in December of 1995. Keith partnered up with singer/songwriter, Cathy Clark, on a 4-song project ("Down By The Ocean Shore", "They'll Come A' Runnin", "Could It be You", & "Magic Moment") that was recorded at House Quake Recording Studios in Ybor City, Florida. While at House Quake Recording Studios, Keith also wrote and recorded the drum parts for one of Cathy's original songs, "You're A Part Of Me".  

During his four year career in the early to mid 90's, Keith had collaborated with or written for countless musicians and songwriters world-wide including, but not limited to, Dave Sharky, Jon Clarke, Stephanie Allen, Don Hecht, Ralph Lake, Andrei Cheine, and Cathy Clark. Keith has written or co-written over 200 songs, selling or contracting out many of them. Keith has had 4 of his songs released on three albums, and has appeared in several local & national magazines including Stars Magazine & Jam Magazine. Keith has been interviewed on both tv and radio, including his 1993 appearance on the tv show, "Dave's Garage".

1996 - 2010

In 1996, Keith retired from the music business in order to get married and to start a family. Keith knew that in order to support a family he would have to rely on a more stable form of income... at least more stable then what Contract Songwriting was providing at the time. Keith would eventually go on to have successful careers in both banking management & casino management...though he always missed working in the music business.

Though no longer working in the music business, Keith maintained his contacts and continued to receive business related offers. In 1996 Keith was invited to the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences "Masters Of Music Awards Ceremony", held at Julio Iglesias' home in Miami Beach, Florida.

In 1997, the International Biographical Centre, located in Cambridge, England, approached Keith about publishing his biography in the "International Who's Who in Music, Volume two - Popular Music" book, published by Melrose Press. Keith's biography continues to be published in the annually published hard-cover book to this day.

Also in 1997, Keith was invited to the 2nd Annual "Pre-Grammy Awards Show Celebration" held at the Miami Hard Rock Cafe & hosted by the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences.

After working for four years as a bank manager, Keith was hired in 2003 as a Talent Scout for Trans Continental Talent, a subsidiary of Trans Continental Records. Trans Continental Talent was owned by Lou Pearlman who is credited with discovering such young acts as Briteny Spears, Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, O-Town, and several others. At Trans Continental Talent, Keith scouted the Tampa Bay area for fresh, new models and musicians. Within the year, Keith would resign from Trans Continental Talent due to his own suspicions of fraud that he believed was being committed by Trans Continental Talent towards it's clients. 

In 2004, Keith's 2nd wife gave birth to their daughter. Keith himself delivered his daughter. Unfortunately though, Keith's marriage wouldn't last. In 2007 Keith was left to raise his 3-year old daughter on his own after him & his wife divorced.

In 2008, Keith was contacted by the president of the Memphis Songwriters Association (MSA). Keith was invited to travel up to Memphis and appear as a guest speaker at a songwriting workshop, hosted by the Memphis Songwriters Association. The renewed interest in Keith's past musical accomplishments by the MSA refueled Keith's interest once again in music & writing. 

In 2008, Keith was contacted by the president of the Memphis Songwriters Association (MSA). Keith was invited to travel up to Memphis and appear as a guest speaker at a songwriting workshop, hosted by the Memphis Songwriters Association. The renewed interest in Keith's past musical accomplishments by the MSA refueled Keith's interest once again in music & writing. 

Music Columnist / Promoter / Radio Interviewer / Speaker
2010 - present

In 2010, Keith found out that the Examiner News website was looking for a free-lance music columnist to write their "St. Petersburg Live Music Bar Scene" column. This seamed like the perfect opportunity for Keith to get back into the music business and professional writing once again. Keith submitted his bio and catalog to the Examiner...and no, he didn't mail it to them in a shoe! Based on Keith's past experience in both music and writing, the Examiner offered him the column. Keith's debut article was published by the Examiner and appeared in his column on May 14th, 2010. In his column, Keith reports on the local Tampa Bay live music & bar scene. His articles include band interviews, Music scene news, event previews, show reviews, bar/night club reviews, and much more.

Along the way Keith has interviewed many bands and artists in his music column, both local & National, signed & Unsigned. Some of the bands and Artists that Keith has interviewed include: Eddie Money, Julie Gribble, Diamond Gray, Jerry LeBloch (Rare Earth), Kole, Jeremy Thomas, and many others.

Within the first 6 months of writing for the Examiner, Keith's column became the #1 most read column of 2010 (and also 2011) in the Tampa Bay market...beating out nearly 200 other columnists. By the end of 2010, Keith's column was syndicated on several other News websites including the World News Network, World News America, Breaking News Worldwide, and many others. In 2011, The Bay Buzz also started syndicating Keith's column as well, listing Keith as a contributing writer. 

In March of 2011 The Bay Buzz began syndicating Keith's Examiner music column on their online news website where Keith was listed as a contributing writer.

The first project that "KAM-BABS Promotions" started working on was to bring National recording artist & actress, Julie Grible, down to Florida to perform in the Tampa Bay area on her 2011 tour. 

The second project KAM-BABS Promotions organized was the "2011 KAM-BABS Sexiest Musicians of Tampa Bay Awards Show Ceremony" held in Tampa. The awards show started from a “tongue-in-cheek” competition that Keith held in his Examiner column.

The third event that KAM-BABS Promotions organized was the day & night long outdoor concert called Wildstock. Wildstock was held in Wimauma, Florida on the 7-acre property of Elmira's Wildlife Sanctuary. The event was a benefit concert to help raise money for the sanctuary, and had national recording artist, KOLE, headlining the event.

Other events that KAM-BABS Promotions has organized and/or promoted include:
  • “AMPD” (Area Musicians Promoting Diversity) original music showcase concert series
  • "Bionics For Vets" concert series
  • “A Cuase For The Paws” benefit concert
  • “Benefit Concert for Jerry LeBloch”
  • “Rebuild The Radio Rar” benefit concert
  • "Benefit Concert for Steve Sturgis"
  • "Pit Boss & Hot Sauce" festival
  • Tampa Bay Music Scene Historical Society's "Roast of Victor Lima"
  • "Screwie Louie's Original Scene" concert series

Keith partnered up with Dina Meed of "Bay Area Band Source" in early 2011 to form "KAM-BABS Promotions"...a collaboration of Keith's "KAM Music Publishing" & Dina's "Bay Area Band Source" (BABS). Through "KAM-BABS Promotions", Keith & Dina organize, promote, and emcee benefit concerts, showcases, awards shows, and other musical events in the Tampa Bay area.

In August and September of 2011 Keith was a featured guest speaker at two separate music seminars... the "How I Make a Real Living in the Music Business" music seminar (August) along with singer/songwriter Steve Arvey held in Sarasota Florida, and the Music Academy Seminars' "Your Music, Your Business, Your Success" (September) held in Tampa Florida. 

 With the reactivation of KAM Music Publishing in 2010 and the formation of KAM-BABS Promotions earlier in 2011, the KAM Music Network was formed as the umbrella entity for KAM Music Publishing, KAM-BABS Promotions, KAM Music Promotions and the Tampa Bay Music Scene Historical Society. 

Also In September 2011, Bay Area Band Source & Black Pearl Rock Radio honored Keith by roasting him on his Birthday. The "Birthday Roast of Keith Wilkins" was held at the Wild Indian Saloon in Largo, Florida on September 8th, and was later broadcasted on Black Pearl Rock Radio on September 14th. 

Keith helped the new music magazine gain popularity in the Tampa Bay market, writing for the first three issues and helping the magazine win the "2011 TBMN Favorite Media Source" award at the 4th Annual Tampa Bay Music Network Awards Show in 2012. Keith left Mayhem Magazine on December 29th, 2011 when Vertex Worldwide Media failed to negotiate a contract with him, as well as for creative differences. 

That same month, Keith was hired as the Cover story writer for Mayhem Magazine, published by Vertex Worldwide Media.  

Keith's KAM Music Publishing started designing music related websites for area bands, artists & organizations in 2011. KAM Music Publishing would go on to design websites for: Zig Zag America, Bay Area Band Source, KAM-BABS Promotions, the Tampa Bay Music Scene Historical Society, Tammy Reed, and many others.  

On February 28th, 2012, Keith was appointed Vice President of the Florida Musicians Hall of Fame and the Tampa Bay Music Hall of Fame, siting on the Board Of Directors for both organizations. 

In late 2012, Keith founded the Tampa Bay Music Scene Historical Society, and launched the official online museum website on December 21st, 2012. 

In December of 2011, Keith was brought on as a consultant for Bay Area Band Source, and designed the organizations website. 

In July of 2013, KAM-BABS Promotions was hired as consultants for a Hollywood tv show production company to help find area musicians, bands and venues to appear in an episode of a reality show that was planning to film in the Tampa Bay area.

In February of 2014 Keith was a featured guest speaker at a Musicians Mastermind Alliance seminar/workshop in Tampa Florida. 

In April of 2013, Keith started conducting special on-air interviews for WPRN 102.1 fm. The radio show specials would continue to air periodically on the station throughout 2013. 

Also In February of 2014 Keith was hired by Full Access Magazine... Florida's largest music & entertainment publication... to write a new monthly music news column reporting on the local music scene. "Local Access with Keith Wilkins" debuted in the April issue of Full Access Magazine.


Keith Wilkins is a BMI artist, and currently holds an active membership status in Roots Music Association (RMA), Independent Music Association (IMA) and the Musicians Mastermind Alliance (MMA).

In the past, Keith has also belonged to numerous other organizations including: The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences inc.; American Federation of Musicians (AFofM); Songwriters Guild of America (SGA); Florida Music Association (FMA); Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI); South West Virginia Songwriters Association (SVSA); Memphis Songwriters Association (MSA); National Academy of Songwriters (NAS); Songwriters of Wisconsin (SOW); Central Florida Musicians Association, and the American Press Association (APA).

Keith currently resides in Largo, Florida with his daughter, Kayla, and is currently writing his Autobiography which he hopes to publish soon.